Get your social content going with Alfresco and Liferay

The fates of Alfresco and Liferay have been intertwined pretty much from the early days, not too long after Alfresco version 1.0 was released in late 2005. There’s a natural, dare I say, ‘synergy’ in combining a robust content repository with a powerful and highly extensible portal.

As an Epicentric [ ] alumnus, my technology career was practically launched working with portal technology. In many respects, Liferay has changed the portal landscape by demonstrating that open source portals are as good, if not superior, to their proprietary counterparts.

I therefore take a great degree of satisfaction and even greater pleasure in seeing that Alfresco and Liferay are partnering to show the world how portals and ECM can work together to give users an unparalleled platform for improved collaboration and social content publishing.
Attendees of this weeks’ Gartner Portal and Collaboration Summit in Los Angeles are getting a first-hand look at our joint success stories along with learning of our roadmap for further collaborations between the two organizations.

The keys to achieving our goals hinge on open standards such as Java Portlets (JSR-286) and CMIS, the Content Management Interoperability Services standard. We also employ other open source components such as the Activiti Business Process Management engine, an Apache-licensed project sponsored by Alfresco, and the Spring Framework, sponsored by VMWare’s SpringSource business unit.

Get your social content going with Alfresco and Liferay

It’s through the interoperability enabled by the aforementioned standards and open source components that joint customers can quickly deploy a solution built on Alfresco and Liferay.

Alfresco recently announced its Social Content Management message which dovetails nicely into Liferay’s social roadmap by facilitating agile collaboration and exposing the functionality through OpenSocial, an industry standard for interoperability among socially-aware applications.

For my part, I’m very excited about the prospect of working closer with Liferay and hope you do too.

You can learn more about our joint efforts by visiting

Source : By Luis Sala, Networked Blogs

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